Why do we organize the Conference?

In contrast to the Czech equity market, which unfortunately is ailing a little bit, the sector of investment funds of different types is growing, it is diverse and various. In our country, there are a lot of excellent investment managers who take care of money of their investors, and they do it very well. Unfortunately, some of them are not well-known to the wider investment public. On the other hand, there are plenty of people in our country who invest alone or who look for somebody who they can trust with their money. Until recently, there was not a forum in our country, where both parties could meet each other. For this reason we decided in 2014 to start organizing such an event.

What do we expect from the Conference?

The wider investment public will have the occasion to get to know the best Czech and Slovak equity investment managers and foreign guests. Investing is not a collective sport. Mostly everything depends on the decision of an individual who manages the portfolio. The opportunity to meet investment managers personally and to consult their way of working and considering will allow the future investors to be well versed in what exists on the market with money management, and what would be the best for them.

At particular presentations, the Conference participants will be informed about ideas for good investment opportunities, and they will be able to compare different investment styles and approaches of presenting investment managers. This educational target of the Conference is very important for us.

The second day´s workshops shall give particular investment managers an occasion to choose a wider theme and to present their own work and company to the participants. The workshop participants can participate in the discussion and enrich their own knowledge.

The banquet on the eve of the first day is a significant part of the Conference. We want to offer both Parties, the lecturers and the visitors, a possibility of networking, closer meeting each other and communication, and we want to emphasize the informality of the Conference. The networking is intended for entering into new relations, deepening of the existing connections, and getting important information. Therefore, networking has become one of the Conference targets.

We want to provide a sufficient space to introduce professional investors to unprofessional and other persons who are interested in investments. When do you have a similar occasion to meet so many experts in investment during one day? You will have a unique chance to get answers to your investment questions.

Who will give lectures at the Conference?

Our target was to invite the best what exists on the Czech and Slovak equity markets, and to show its diversity. We personally know the lecturers and we admire all of them and their companies. We threw away the fact that we are competitors for a certain time and we have a common objective - to organize an event, unique for our domestic circumstances, which will be of benefit for all of those participating In addition to nine Czech and Slovak experts we have invited two investment managers from Switzerland for variety and comparison. You can find the list of lecturers and their profiles in the Conference program.

Who is the Conference intended for?

For everybody who invests or intends to invest, who wants to learn something new and to be better versed in this branch. It will probably be the future investors, who search for their investment manager who would be the best for them in terms of his character and investment strategy, who will find the highest added value here. Our Conference will be an optimal place for this.

How will particular programme sections look like?

The Conference is divided into two days. On the first day eleven presentations by all invited investment managers will be given. The theme was clear. Everybody will have 30 minutes to present one concrete equity investment. We try to be as practical and concrete as possible. Therefore, you will not hear any macro-economic projections, speculations about the next development on markets, or talks about yen-dollar exchange rate, and even not presentations of particular funds. This is an investment conference and investing always means choosing particular investments.. We are sure that - besides particular tips for investment - the audience will appreciate the possibility to compare different investment approaches of particular investment managers.

The presentations will be followed by a banquet.

On the second day the Conference will continue with a group of workshops. There will be five workshops altogether and each speaker can choose the theme. While the theme of Thursday presentations is common, the workshops enjoy more freedom. The theme of particular workshops can also be found in the Conference program.


Lenka Roz Schanova, Schanova s.r.o.

Daniel Gladis, Vltava Fund