The program of the Czech Investment Conference is divided into two days (13 - 14 November 2023). On Monday, the main part of the conference will take place, each of the speakers will introduce one particular equity investment idea to you OFFLINE (all presentations will be translated into English). You will be informed about interesting tips how and where suitable investments can be searched for, and you will have an opportunity to observe how particular managers search for such investments, how they assess them and which arguments they use to reach their targets. The program will be closed with a cocktail party and informal networking. The second day will be devoted to practical webinars ONLINE (most of the webinars will be held in Czech).

Program: 13 November 2023 CONFERENCE

Program to be announced soon

We are currently working on the program (the program below shows the speakers of the Czech Investment Conference 2022). Are you a portfolio manager, equity analyst or researcher? Apply to speak at the conference.

9:00 - 9:50


10:00 - 10:10

Opening Remarks

Part I

10:10 - 10:40

Štěpán Hájek, equity analyst, XTB

Štěpán began investing in financial markets in 2012. Year after that he started studying economics in Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, where he found that macroeconomics and policy of central banks are the main drivers of big trends on stock markets. Since then his focus was mainly on this part of fundamentals with sector related investment. He worked as financial market analyst in brokerage houses Bossa and Purple Trading. In XTB he prepares commentary about the markets and shares his analysis about fintech stocks.

9:40 - 10:10

Michal Semotan, portfolio manager, J&T Bank

11:10 - 11:40

Daniel Gladiš, Vltava Fund

Dan graduated from VUT Brno. In 1993-1998 he was the director of Atlantik Financial Markets, a.s., a member of the Prague Stock Exchange, which he founded. In 1999-2004 he was the director of ABN AMRO Asset Management (Czech), a.s. In 2004, he founded the investment fund Vltava Fund SICAV. Vltava Fund is a global equity investment fund dedicated to qualified investors. Daniel Gladiš is the author of Naučte se investovat (Learn to Invest) and Akciové investice (Stock Investments).

11:40 - 12:10

Tobias & Jakob Schober, founders, TIP - The Investment Partners GmbH

Mikuláš is a member of Erste Asset Management equity team. He manages Stock Small Caps fund, focusing on small companies in the developed markets. He had previously worked for Brokerjet ČS. He has authored lessons on investment psychology for, and introduced a number of investment ideas for Roklen24. His strategy combines Benjamin Graham's value approach with growth investing inspired by Philip Fisher.

12:10 - 13:20

Lunch break


13:20 - 13:50

Jakub Skryja, VAULT fund manager, Art of Finance

Jakub has over 10 years of experience in the financial sector, specifically in the management of equity and fixed income investments. He works for Czech investment company Art of Finance, where he founded and is now managing global equity fund for qualified investors VAULT OPF. He previously worked for 8 years at Verdi Capital, where he was responsible for the group liquid assets investment strategy. He also lead the team od analysts and advised on investment mandates for leading Czech entrepreneurs. He also worked at PwC Audit, s.r.o. as an assistant auditor, where he focused on the analysis of financial statements of Czech and international companies from Real Estate and Financial sector. Jakub graduated at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering at CTU where he studied mathematical engineering. During his studies he dedicated his annual studies to interest rate management, optimal allocation of bank assets and analysis of credit derivatives.

13:50 - 14:20

Ján Hladký, equity analyst, Patria

Holds an international master's degree in Economics of Globalization and European Integration with a focus on macroeconomics. Joined Patria in 2016 as an equity analyst in the Research department. Covers primarily the American and Western European blue-chip stocks specializing particularly in the technology sector, oil miners and banking.

14:20 - 14:50

Lukáš Brodníček, portfolio manager, Fio investiční společnost

Lukas graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. He spent part of his studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Previously he worked at Czech leading brokerage companies. He is currently a portfolio manager of equity managed accounts at Fio banka and a global equity mutual fund at Fio investiční společnost. The fund consists of 30-40 common stocks predominantly from OECD developed markets with orientation on growth sectors of the economy.

13:10 - 13:40

Martin Dienstbier, co-founder, Alethes Investment Fund

15:20 - 15:50

Alex Rauchenstein, CEO, Strategic Investment Advisors Group 

Born in Aarau, Switzerland, Alex Rauchenstein holds an Executive MBA for international Wealth Management from GSIA Carnegie Mellon University and a MBA from the University of Geneva. In addition he is Chartered European Financial Analyst. Until December 2005, he was Head of the Investment Process at Centrum Bank, a specialised Privat bank in Vaduz (Liechtenstein). In this position he was responsible for the coordination of the strategic asset allocation, sector-, fund- and stock selection process. Before joining Centrum Bank in 1999 he spent three years setting up and then managing the Eastern European Equity Fund for UBS Asset Management. Alex acquired a very solid finance education at UBS Zurich, where he started his career in 1989 with a trainee Program. He formally joined Strategic Investment Advisors Group, as General Manager of SIA Funds AG in January 2006.

15:50 - 16:20

Ján Hájek, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Erste Asset Management

Ján started his professional career in 1994 as an sell-side equity analyst. Later he worked as a portfolio manager and proprietary trader. He is the manager of the Top Stocks Fund since its inception in August 2006 when he started working for Erste Asset Management ČR. The Fund invests in a group of approximately 25 common stocks, regardless of their market capitalization, traded in US and Europe and selected for their long-term growth potential.

16:20 - 19:30

Cocktail party & networking